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Sandy Turnbull

Sandy Turnbull

Clubs played for: Hurlford Thistle, Manchester City, Manchester United, Rochdale (guest), Clapton Orient (guest) (1902-1915)

Born: 1884

Birthplace: Hurlford, Scotland

Position: Inside-forward

Biography: Controversy was never far away during his career. He was due to sign for Bolton until he received a better offer from City. He was then one of a number of players banned in an illegal payments scandal, becoming one of four to cross the great City divide. He became the first player sent off in a United-City derby in 1908, the year he contributed 25 goals to their title success. In 1909, he scored the winning goal in the FA Cup Final and before scoring 18 goals as United, won a second league title. His career ended under a cloud when he was banned for life for betting irregularities. He joined Footballers Battalion for the Great War and was killed in action in Arras, France, in May 1917.

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