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Jack Whitham

Jack Whitham

Clubs played for: Sheffield Wednesday, Liverpool, Cardiff City, Reading (1964-1976)

Born: 1946

Birthplace: Burnley

Position: Forward

Biography: After retiring from football, Whitham ran the 'Wadsley Jack', a public house in the Wadsley area of Sheffield for 10 years. He then became the manager of the South Yorkshire Police Social Club at Wadsley Bridge.

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Whitham, Jack I played along side Jack for the Oak Inn ((Maggies) pub he ran in the 80s with his wife Josey in Swallownest, Sheffield. Lovely man, not a good singer though.
21-04-21Dave Price

Whitham, Jack I remember a hat trick v Derby county for Liverpool 3-2, I was about 13. I am 63 this year

Jack I have no idea if Jack ever reads these posts, but as I'm not on Facebook, will give this a try.

Happy memories of student days in Sheffield where a bunch of us Uni lads shared a house in Southgrove Road with Jack and Sam Ellis. The landlady was "Maria" who had a somewhat "piercing" voice. Her somewhat downtrodden husband was Brian. There were amongst others: Goeff Cooper, Andy Lawrence, Stan Slaughter and me, Geoff Pring. If Jack wants to chat I can tell him what we all got up to. He can e-mail me as I am quite happy to get a reply, or phone me on 01872 501293.
27-08-20Geoff Pring

Whitham, Jack Jack was known as jack ( in the box ) whitham when he played with S.W. sadly he was very injury prone and never played a full season, he could score goals though.

Whitham, Jack Always remember his hat trick against derby county shame he was injury prone

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