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Vivian Woodward

Vivian Woodward

Clubs played for: Clacton Town, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Clacton Town (1895-1920)

Born: 1879

Birthplace: Kennington, London

Position: Centre-forward

Biography: An expert dribbler, brilliant on the ground and seen as one of the greatest amateur marksman of all-time. He arrived at the club after his 30th birthday but missed out on the 1915 FA Cup Final. Despite being granted leave from the army to play in the game, he stood down at the last minute to allow Bob Thomson, who scored seven goals in the earlier rounds to play. Later acted as a director of Spurs and Chelsea. He was an architect for most of his working life, then became a gentleman-farmer in the 1940's. Died in an Ealing nursing home after a long illness aged 74 in February 1954.

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