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Watford plan

What Line Will Watford Take at the End of the Season?

In the current season of the English Premier League, “Watford” had a status of a stable mediocre team. It can deliver a battle to the grands on the home arena and show itself from the best side on the international one especially if the competitor’s level is equal to the “Watford’s” one. So, what result can the team achieve?


“Watford” was quite strong at the beginning of the season and became one of the leaders. Of course, the team has bottomed to the middle of the league table but this result is quite good for it too. The team plays good positional football and a thoughtful game in each of the lines. Watford FC has no top-rated players but manages to play on par even with the grands of the English Premier League. This has become possible due to the game model professed by Javier García.

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Team’s Prospects for the Second Half of the Season

It’s very important for “Watford” not to stop and continue developing. If taking into account everything that’s happening now, this may become a reality for the following reasons:

1. Strong squad. Every line has a good range of players. There is the most intensive competition among forwards but Deeney is a stable first-stringer.

2. Unstable competitors. In the current season, all the mediocre teams of the EPL alternate victories with true failures. “Watford” has recently become stable and the team is improving its results now. Of course, they’ll face many difficulties at the matches against grands but the club has much to develop.

3. Particular players’ mastership. Despite the fact that “Watford” is strong as a team, it has some players who are able to turn the tide of the competition alone.

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