Where Are They Now? - Footballers

Where Are They Now is designed for you if you are a football fan who is as curious as us to find out what happened to your favourite footballers after they retired from playing.

Where Are They Now? - Footballers

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Have you ever wondered what happened to all of those players that you have seen come and go over the years? The heroes and the villains? The saints and the sinners? The stars that you talked about for years after they had retired and those you instantly forgot?

If so, Where Are They Now? is definitely for you!

Not all players end up running pubs or become TV pundits! It's no secret what Gary Lineker is up to these days but what about the many thousands of players who have slipped from public view? The first edition of "Where Are They Now?" uncovered some fascinating post football stories including the former Arsenal striker who became Iceland's Finance Minister; Millionaires; Bankrupts; Vicars; Comedians; Singers; a Phil Collins lookalike... and one or two publicans!

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Updated: 21-04-20 Nick Pink

Now retired and living on the South Coast. Became a very good friend of the family and we followed him from QPR to Millwall to Crystal Palace to Charlton. They dont make defenders like that any more. Seeing him ina few weeks.


Updated: 21-04-20 Pat Delo

I remember Dan is coming in the Barnaby near the ground one night and met him briefly one of my heroes at the time being a Millwall supporter all I could say to him as I shook he's hand was you should have won player of the year Dan is he smiled and agreed. Most underrated player ever to have played for the lions. . Thanks for some great memories Dan is. come you lions


Updated: 21-04-20 Danny Smith

Patesy helped me as a young player at Brighton, then signed me when he became manager of Crawley , where he gave me the chance to play along side legends such as David Speedie, , great coach, - top bloke 🙂


Updated: 21-04-20 Julian Wood

Top bloke - he was the manager of my school team in Emsworth for a little while in the 1980s


Updated: 21-04-20 Paul

Remember being told David had joined Barnsley, I was 10 and thought whose this???? Saw him turn up to training in his Capri and thought he was so cool ( my words at age 10). Barnsley legend in my eyes.


Updated: 21-04-20 Carol Jones

Soloman lived in Higham Ferrers Northamptonshire. He was mayor many times. He was married to Florence Winter . He had special leave from the Navy to marry.He was presented with honorary parchment from the Royal Humane Society for saving soldiers from drowning.He also launched Co-operaive Boot and Shoe Company in Higham, They never had any children.

ROWAN, Brian

Updated: 16-04-20

Brian Rowe had a nomadic career as a player and this led to stints in England, Canada and the United States. He is now 'back home' and lives in East Kilbride.


Updated: 07-04-20 Darren Hurst

I worked with and for Roy and Barbara at the Monteraze, absolutely brilliant couple and they both treated everyone fantastically. It was a dream to work with 1 of my BWFC Heroes and he was still a great 5 a side player. True Gent


Updated: 07-04-20 Hugh Williams

Peter Dobing married my ex girl friend Judith Atkinson in 1962. What happened to the marriage and to Judith? HW


Updated: 07-04-20 John Glavey

Long time ago ! I played in the junior school team at Shirestone Road Junior school along with David Smith ,Jim Stoddard amongst others . As a Blue Nose but living away from Birmingham I followed Phil’s career with great interest . We met once when we were about 19 / 20 and Phil gave me an interesting insight into the life of a professional footballer . He was a top player ! Best wishes Phil.

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