Where Are They Now? - Footballers

Where Are They Now is designed for you if you are a football fan who is as curious as us to find out what happened to your favourite footballers after they retired from playing.

Where Are They Now? - Footballers

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Have you ever wondered what happened to all of those players that you have seen come and go over the years? The heroes and the villains? The saints and the sinners? The stars that you talked about for years after they had retired and those you instantly forgot?

If so, Where Are They Now? is definitely for you!

Not all players end up running pubs or become TV pundits! It's no secret what Gary Lineker is up to these days but what about the many thousands of players who have slipped from public view? The first edition of "Where Are They Now?" uncovered some fascinating post football stories including the former Arsenal striker who became Iceland's Finance Minister; Millionaires; Bankrupts; Vicars; Comedians; Singers; a Phil Collins lookalike... and one or two publicans!

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Updated: 21-02-20 Frank Lee

I knew David for a long number of years after he finished with football, always the perfect gentleman, it would be great to hear from him again


Updated: 21-02-20 valerie robson

Hi to Ray Crawford and family. I remember you lived opposite me at Lawnside, Blackheath when you played for Charlton Athletic. I often think of you all especially your three daughters. Your little one was the same age as my daughter. How time passes all too quickly, glad we are all still here.


Updated: 21-02-20 valerie robson

Best wishes to Gordon and family. Back in 70's you lived opposite me at Lawnside Blackheath. Often think of you all


Updated: 21-02-20 Kelys Herbert

Apart from being a fantastic sportsman and pro footballer bBlly is very honourable, a good man, a great father and husband. Top footballer and and top all round man .... Kel


Updated: 21-02-20 Peter Fury

I started visiting Highfield Road Stadium to support Coventry City in 1961. The manager was Billy Frith, only a few months before J.H took over. I watched the team including Stewart Imlach on the left wing. He had played for Nottingham Forest in the 59 Cup Final and we also had Roy Dwight in our team on the opposite wing who also was in the 59 final and suffered a broken leg. Sadly I was there at home to Kings Lynn to witness a FA cup defeat which led to the new era. Many players were sold on to make way for the new JH Sky Blue squad. £30,000 was enough for JH to buy a new forwood line which apart from Bobby Laverick did the onfield business, Ronnie Rees came in for Laverick who lasted five matches only for the first team, happy days ahead, but not for Stewart Imlach and others.


Updated: 21-02-20 Mickymiller

As a Derby fan looking back I was under the impression we'd signed him towards the end of his career...but he was only 24 and actually played more times for Derby than Man Utd...and scored more goals! In fact he played more times and scored more goals than for any club he played for.


Updated: 21-02-20 rob perkins

Is Ryan Yates the son of Dean Yates please?


Updated: 21-02-20 Kieran Hamill

Hi came across this. I'm Alex son Kieran. My dad is doing well long retired from playing now. He has two children myself 33 and daughter jade 31. He has 7 grandchildren and is very much the family man. He worked for Velux Windows after leaving Hamilton to play for Forfar Athletic. He is now semi retired and works part time as a care worker. He follows Celtic FC home and away and has had a season ticket since he retired playing football in 1996. He always goes on about his experience of his time at Spurs and how amazing it was and the people. Glenn Hoddle is the single best player he's seen. He also had the chance every day to train with Ozzy and Ricky Villa.


Updated: 17-02-20

Gidman played for the Liverpool youth team without every making it to the senior side, before he joined Aston Villa in 1971. He won the League Cup with Villa in 77’ but left two years later. He played once for the full England team. Joined United in 1981 in the same deal that took Mickey Thomas and £50,000 to Everton to become Ron Atkinson’s first signing for the club. He soon became a favourite of the Stretford End but a number of injuries dented the impact that he made at the club. He was a FA Cup winner in 1985. He played almost 100 league matches before joining Man City in 1986 after becoming surplus to requirements. Former Kings Lynn manager, has been living in Marbella on the Costa del Sol since the mid-1990s.


Updated: 17-02-20 Andy Rae

I have written a book on Cambuslang Rangers where Arthur started his career prior to joining Aberdeen. I was hoping to send him a copy and would be very grateful to receive his contact details. If you could help at all l would be most appreciated.

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