Where Are They Now? - Footballers

Where Are They Now is designed for you if you are a football fan who is as curious as us to find out what happened to your favourite footballers after they retired from playing.

Where Are They Now? - Footballers

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Have you ever wondered what happened to all of those players that you have seen come and go over the years? The heroes and the villains? The saints and the sinners? The stars that you talked about for years after they had retired and those you instantly forgot?

If so, Where Are They Now? is definitely for you!

Not all players end up running pubs or become TV pundits! It's no secret what Gary Lineker is up to these days but what about the many thousands of players who have slipped from public view? The first edition of "Where Are They Now?" uncovered some fascinating post football stories including the former Arsenal striker who became Iceland's Finance Minister; Millionaires; Bankrupts; Vicars; Comedians; Singers; a Phil Collins lookalike... and one or two publicans!

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Updated: 18-06-19 Dennis Dalzell

Johnny was a real hard man on the pitch. At half time Charley Hurley would say "Johnny, sort out number so and so". Johnny would reply "OK CHAS" and the request was always carried out.


Updated: 20-04-19 Steve Peak

This is for the St Mungo's lads. Tony and his wife Christine live in the Blackpool area. I am sure Tony would be happy to get re-aquainted with his old school pals. His address is as follows: 137 Hardhorn Road, Poulton Le Fylde, Lancashire, FY6 8ES. See Tony down at Blackpool FC, even drove him and Christine home a few weeks ago. Still one of the nicest humble guys you could ever meet and an absolute legend at Blackpool.

Latest 40min interview with TG, just copy and paste into your browser : https://youtu.be/RKI1CUfOVVw


Updated: 20-04-19 Andy Garrick

Brian Dear presented league winners medals playing at shad well park floodlight football. This was in the mid sixties... I can't remember our team's name but our manager was Mr Ramsey......anyway, thanks again for taking the time Mr Dear.


Updated: 16-06-19 Ewart Henry

Undoubtedly one of the greatest all round sportsmen at school he actually excelled in everything not just sports but academically as well !!


Updated: 17-04-19 John Swithinbank

Me and my mate used to gatecrash the odd Latics training session when we were about 15 on 'Little Wembley'. I was in goal and Ray Wilson urged Les on to cross it to my mate by shouting 'Chip it Chappie' to the amusement of all around. Also, who remembers that 'shimmie' by corner flag at the Rochdale Road End in around '66 when he was a mere youth?


Updated: 17-04-19 Jim Fitzpatick

Hi I was raised in the same Street as Alan and at the same time. But did't get to know him, we were up our 'own end' as they use to say. However now I'm a volunteer with Balsall Heath History Society and we are putting together a booklet of 'Stars of Balsall heath`. I have the (nice) job of researching Alan, his career and his connections to BH. The person above who went to school with Alan I would like to hear from, also the guy with the trophy - a family member?
I'm Jim on 07900 624570.


Updated: 17-04-19 davie laing.

Bobby is the only player I am aware of who scored a goal without touching the ball i.e.a superbly convincing dummy that fooled everyone including the keeper.


Updated: 17-04-19 Flossy2507

My mum Mavis Steele went to school with David Layne and Gordon Banks in Tinsley


Updated: 17-04-19 Mark A Duke

After Billy stopped playing he bought a papershop on the high street in Wombwell. I was a paperboy for him for several years and he had lots of great stories from his playing days.


Updated: 17-04-19 Rob Waribg

Great player and amazing Grandfather. Scored on debut like his son Terry. First father and Son to ever score on debut and both play pro football at the same time. Jackie died May 1997 peacefully in the Worcester Royal Hospital.

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