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Where Are They Now? - Aldershot

We hope that this collection of former players will bring back some happy memories of watching Aldershot over the years.

The list is by no means exhaustive but is being added to all the time so please do check back from time to time. The current list of players can be found a little further down this page and this section is broken down by the first letter of their surname.

We are keen to include as many Aldershot footballers as possible. If you know what has happened to any former players not listed here, please do let us know - thanks.

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How would you like to become a published author?

We are keen to expand our range of 'Where Are They Now?' books by creating a separate edition for every club and would love to hear from you if you would like to compile one for your favourite team. You do not have to have any technical knowledge or writing experience (although the ability to put words together would help!) - a genuine interest in the subject and willingness to undertake the research is all that is required.

Please do get in touch if you would like to know more.

Aldershot Players By Surname

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Please can You Help?

A task like this would not be possible without lots of help. Whether you are a researcher, football fan or a player yourself, we would love to hear from you.

If you know what happened to any former Aldershot player(s) and/or if you have any photos that we could use on the site, please either make contact by e-mail.

Aldershot players that we are keen to add

ADAM Jimmy | ALISON Jimmy | AMOS Keith | ANDREWS Wayne

BANN Bill | BANTON Dale | BARNES Bobby | BARON Kevin | BARRY BROWN Kevan | BELL Terry | BRAYLEY Bertie | BRODIE Charles | BROWN Bob | BROWN Bobby | BROWN Jermaine | BUCKENHAM Bill | BULL Nikki | BURVILL Glenn | BUTLER Joe

CACERES Claudio | CAMPBELL Robert | CHEESEWRIGHT John | CHRISTIE Alexander | COLL Owen | CONNE Richard | CONNER Dick | COTTON Roy | COULSON Willie


EASTON Billy | EVANS Harry

FINN Neil | FLINT Ken | FORBES Terrell | FORTUNE Clayton | FRASER Bill | FRASER William

GADSTON Joe | GAGE Larry | GRANT Alick | GRAY Martin | GREENWOOD John | GRIFFITHS James | GRIMWOOD John | GURR Gerald

HALLS John | HAMER David | HAMMOND Dean | HARFORD Paul | HOLD Oscar | HOPKINS James | HORTON James | HOWE Denis | HOWFIELD Bobby

JEPP Samuel | JINKS Jimmy | JOHNSON Gary | JOHNSON Glenn | JOSEPH Francis


LEE David | LONGHORN Dennis

MAZZON Giorgio | MCAULEY Hugh | MENDES Junior | MILLER Alfred

O'BRIEN George

PHILLIPS Gary | PLATT Edward | PLATT Edward | POWELL Chris


SCOTT Peter | SEARLE Stuart | SIMPSON Peter | SLABBER Jamie | SMITH Benjamin | SMITH Philip | SMITHSON Albert

TURNER Archie | TURNER Arthur

WALTERS Sonny | WATERSTON Archibald | WATKINSON Russell | WATSON Mark | WEBB Neil | WETTON Ralph | WHITE William | WHITLOCK Mark | WIGNALL Steve | WOOLER Alan